Sevenex® was started in 2005 with 55 Solutions. Today, Sevenex® serves clients nationally with 1,000 Solutions, covering 60-65% of all operating expenses. We add new Solutions every week. Our full time consulting staff of physicians, masters-level nurses and sub-contractor specialists has hundreds of years of hospital experience.

Our Primary Program is: Sevenex®

Sevenex® guarantees an ROI in excess of 7 to 1 from
margin optimization, enterprise-wide. Sevenex’s margin optimization asks two fundamental questions:
1. What are you using that you don’t have to use?
2. Which of your resource expenses can be converted
   to revenues?

Using our 1,000 enterprise-wide Solutions to answer these two questions produce millions in new savings and net revenues. These new dollars to your bottom line significantly enhance cash-flow, days cash on hand, EBITDA margins, debt capacity and overall cost-effectiveness.

Unique Effectiveness

The unique effectiveness of Sevenex® is grounded in its features and advantages.
For example, one hundred percent of Sevenex® clients:

• Receive a contractually guaranteed ROI in excess of 7 to 1.

• Exceed the guaranteed ROI of 7 to 1. Some ROIs go as high as 30 to 1.

• Receive no bills until after hospitals, systems and health
  facitlites have achieved new savings and/or net revenues.

• Never have to budget in advance for Sevenex®

• Have a "right of rejection" of 40-60 percent of
  the Solutions the hospitals, systems and health
  facitlites receive.

• Receive Solutions achieving savings and/or revenues
  in every aspect of the hospitals, systems and health facitlites
  operations from OR to ICU, from cafeteria to parking lots,
  from labs to boiler rooms.

Sevenex® serves hospitals, systems and health facitlites anywhere in the US.

The Sevenex MO is margin optimization!