If your hospital, system and health facility needs measurable,
margin-increasing savings and enhanced net revenues, on a contractually guaranteed, risk-free basis, then you need our
proven Sevenex® Solutions.

What is Sevenex®?

Sevenex® is a margin optimization program that focuses on
creating savings and generating new revenue with a contractually
guaranteed ROI of 7 to 1. Sevenex® enhances and facilitates all areas of potential efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, while reducing waste
and variation in your hospital, system and health facility.

Sevenex® is composed of 1000 plus, proven in-practice, implementation-ready, scalable and highly- customizable Solutions. These Solutions, in conjunction with our on-site implementation consultants and your leadership team, achieve significant new savings and net revenues, and always in excess of the guaranteed 7 to 1 ROI. In some cases, the return on
investment is as high as 30 to 1.

All the above can be achieved with zero layoffs and zero new hires. With Sevenex®, more and more of our client hospitals, systems and health facilities have achieved higher and higher rates of return, as well as enhanced margins and debt capacity… and we have the references to prove it!


Sevenex® is a infrastructrue-wide, rapid implementation savings and revenue-generating tool.
This margin optimization program is carefully constructed to quickly decrease all resource costs,
expense variation, and grow cash flow, increase collections, all while converting expenses
into revenues by asking two basic questions:

1. What resources are you using that you don't have to use?

2. Which of your resource expenses can be converted to revenues?

The Sevenex® 1000 plus Solutions answer these questions and simultaneously
increase days cash on hand, credit ratings, EBITDA margins and overall cost-effectiveness.

The ROI-7 Solutions proven and patented process:

• Starts with the 1000 plus Solutions, selected as a result of a simple online assessment
  completed in 30 minutes by your executives, directors and managers.

• From this e-assessment, data is entered into our patented algorithmic filter,
  and initially selected Solutions are recommended and implemented after
  management approval, customization or rejection.

• Decreases clinically, operationally and financially unnecessary resource use
  and variation, while converting expenses into revenues, ultimately exceeding
  a 7 to 1 ROI benchmark in implemented dollars.

• Is highly complementary with and facilitates all value analysis,
  Six Sigma, Lean Six and Process Improvement approaches

Opportunities are in every aspect of hospital, system and health facility operations –
from the ICU to the OR, from the cafeteria to the boiler room – our patented algorithmic
process can uncover and implement massive savings AND significant new net revenue
streams, all on a contractually zero-risk, guaranteed basis!

Sevenex helps the hospital, system and health facility:

• Do more with less, without layoffs or the need to hire

• Increase patient satisfaction

• Create significant savings and new revenues

• Converts expenses into revenues and generate new revenues

• Increases collections


Every Sevenex® Service Agreement comes with:

• A contractual guarantee where every hospital, system and   health facility either achieves its guaranteed savings and net   revenues, or gets its money back

• Peer-reviewed literature and references for
  every Solution

• 1,000 proven-in-practice Solutions and implementation
  steps, already in practice at dozens of hospitals, systems
  and health facilities and in some cases, hundreds of hospitals,
   systems and health facilities

• A patented implementation process

• Never any fees until after new savings and net revenues
  are established. Thus, never a need to budget
  in advance for Sevenex® services.

With these key features embedded in Sevenex®, there is zero risk for the hospital, system and health facility.


The Sevenex® highly-credentialed and experienced, on-site consultants work closely with the hospital, system and health facility to always surpass the contractually guaranteed ROI of 7 to 1. Our demonstrated savings and new net revenues can be accomplished without any layoffs of full-time staff or any reduction in quality of care. In addition, patient satisfaction will increase.

There is no risk of any kind to patients, staff, the hospital, system or health facility. Further, Sevenex® will decrease variability, while increasing cost-effectiveness and improving EBIDTA margins while decreasing cost of capital on a predictable, guaranteed basis.

Our highly experienced physicians, masters-level nurses, revenue experts and other hospital professionals developed and now implement our dynamic and effective Sevenex® program: Together, our easy-to-use Solutions and implementation experts, along with the hospital team, significantly reduce costs and increase revenues with every client, everyday.


Using the Sevenex® patented algorithmic filter, we will help your team select and sequence the best Solutions for your hospital, system and health facility. "Best" is defined as the biggest savings and new revenues, accumulated and counted, as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

Our on-site consultants thoroughly customize the implementation of the Solutions and will help the hospital, system and health facility to implement their chosen Solutions. The implementation team will also help the hospital, system and health facility reject Solutions that don't match the hospital's, system's and health facility's culture, structure or perspective.